Go directly to parks without checking into hotel?

Can we go directly to the parks without checking into the hotel?

I had a panic attack yesterday about transportation after our recent NYC trip, thinking about finding a Lyft XL that could hold all four of us and our luggage and all the transfers we will need since we are doing WDW → Starcruiser → UOR. After all the limo services I tried were sold out, I broke down and rented a car. Since our first day plans are 1. Land, 2. AK for just FOP and lunch, 3. Epcot, I’m thinking we could head directly to AK from the airport, then check into BC and hit Epcot.

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Yes. Go straight there. Your tickets are active that day and no check-in is required before visiting a park.


Thank you. I’m second guessing everything at the last minute!!!


As long as you are comfortable leaving your things in the car. I am a worry wort and worry about theft, although that has never happened to me. I think I remember leaving things in the car for several hours to go into a park though, and it wasn’t a problem. I think this was at UOR in the parking garage of Portofino. Nobody messed with our car, and we were able to unload at our leisure once our park time was done.

Is it still possible to check-in to your hotel remotely?

Me too but then I remembered I drove myself to MK in October with luggage in the car so I could drive right to the airport and it was fine.

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