Gluten Free

If you eat GF where is your favorite place to eat at Universal? Are reservations required?

I’m not but my mama is. She can eat anywhere. She does prefer Disney for the options but she’s done the quick and table service and never been unhappy anywhere.

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Three Broomsticks QS for lunch or dinner (roasted chicken, corn, potatoes, butter beer), Bigfire for dinner. The Hard Rock breakfast buffet at The Kitchen was incredible and had made to order gluten-free waffles or pancakes that the server brought me from the back, along with plenty of items at the buffet. Most of the resort restaurants have lots of gf options at breakfast and will bring the pastry items to you included at no extra charge.

I have yet to try The Kitchen at Hard Rock for lunch or dinner, but I’ve heard their head chef is celiac and can make most of the menu gluten-free. The menu itself has lots of options marked gf, too.


Perfect!! Sounds delicious.

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