Glow with the show ears

I thought it would be adorable to get my kids mickey hands and ears for the flight, but now I wonder is it best to wait until we are at the park to get the glow with the show? Do people buy them or did this idea flop? Would they fit the kids? Any info about them appreciated!

Most of what I have seen considered them a flop. You can’t see them yourself so you are basically paying for other people to enjoy the light changing magic lol. Plus some have said they are heavy to wear for any extended time.


I agree that its mostly a flop. I don’t think Disney marketed it well past the original push and postings on their website. People don’t understand what they are and when they are supposed to work. My kids prefer picking out their own ear hats and although I love matching pictures they like being unique.

They also have a strange fit compared to other ears. They don’t sit well on the head and are very heavy and clunky.

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They were neat during the Osborne Lights. I dont know if I would buy them.

I love mine, but glowing makes everything better in my opinion. My family particularly enjoyed the ease of following a six-foot mom in glowing Mickey ears!

I bought them last Oct as I was there for the big debut. Went back in May and no many people were using them. There were more that had them in F! than at Wishes. I am not sure if I will even pack them for our next trip.