Glitches w/ Disney account, Fast Passes & Magical Express

Hello all,

Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. We have our first trip to WDW coming up in a few months (yay!!). Over the past few weeks, I’ve run into a couple issues with my Disney account while trying to book Fast Passes & Magical Express. It makes me nervous about Magic Band functionality once we get to WDW. Has anyone experienced this kind of thing and later on had issues while at the parks? Or experienced it and then not encountered any further issues at the parks?

Issue 1: Got up at 4 am PST to book Fast Passes, only to get an error message that my family didn’t have linked tickets even though they were showing as linked in the account. When I tried to follow the “link your tickets” option, it wouldn’t let me because it said they were already linked. The two other families in our party didn’t have this problem so I was able to book for them. I called Disney at 4:05am…over an hour on hold and their technical team was able to “fix the glitch” and add my family to the FP reservations I made for the other two families in our party. (They did throw in a bonus FOP Fast Pass on top of our Navi River Journey FP which made up for getting up at 4am only to be on hold for an hour, lol.)

Issue 2: Today I called to give our flight info for Magical Express. I spent another hour+ on hold because it allowed the rep. to add my husband and two children to the Magical Express reservation, but not me. Again, the technical team had to get involved. While waiting for him to check everything out, I was informed that “the tech thinks he found the problem with the account, but anytime he fixes one issue, another pops up.” Finally, I was told the issue was resolved and the Magical Express reservation was made for all four of us. She said it would take a few hours for it to show up in my account (so far, 3.5 hours later, it hasn’t).

During the call with the second issue, they told me they couldn’t offer me anything else for the inconvenience. I was okay with that, but the whole thing is a little frustrating considering it’s a $7500 vacation for four people, even with one “free” child under 3. Hopefully this will be the last of it but with all the issues, I’m worried about how things will play out once we get to the parks.

Does anyone have insight or words of reassurance?

TIA! Sorry for the novel…

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I’m sorry you are having such trouble. I can only say that we had annual passes one year, and my son’s MDE account had a lot of glitches. Guest services was helpful, but it did take 3 visits (at 2 different parks) to get it sorted out. Eventually we found a CM who had dealt with a similar issue and she resolved it completely. She had to delete his account and create it again. I was told that it holds your fast passes, and other reservations for a few hours in those situations.
I hope all your issues will work out! I will say Disney customer service is usually top notch! If you feel you are not being helped, always ask for a coordinator (manager). I would call again if it doesn’t show up in MDE. Make sure you have logged out and logged back in. Sometimes it does not refresh as it should. My app still showed dining ressies I cancelled 2 days ago until I logged out and logged back in.
Good luck!

It sounds like an awful bunch of glitches. I’m sorry you’ve run into this.

I can’t speak to the rest - it sounds like it’s been resolved - but I wanted you to know that Magical Express does not show up in your account anywhere. So that’s totally normal.

I hope the trip goes smoothly.


I just had a terrible time recently too. You are not alone! The Disney tech people were helpful but it took nearly an hour on the phone for them to correct my account. I truly think they have far from perfect software. I agree with the suggestion already made, that it is important to log out and back in. And keep telephoning them! Fortunately, I ignored the stitch screen and just jumped on the phone. Persevere. It will be worth it!

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PS: We have a 3 hour special tour booked at Epcot. After phoning, I discovered that our tour reservations will not show up in my MDE account either. Some system …when numerous types of reservations like transportation and tours are not linked in to our visitor accounts. They need to upgrade!


Also true, and drives me crazy. But you can add it to your itinerary on MDE by searching for the tour (ie behind the seeds or whichever you’re doing), selecting your date and time, and clicking “add to my plans”. Not as good, IMO, as having an actual reservation and confirmation # in your account, but it’s something.

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Sorry you’re running into these glitches, I ran into a few of my own when I scheduled my last trip. I ended up losing only an hour at Customer Relations desk once I arrived, but it still sucked. (knock on wood, this upcoming trip has, so far, been glitch free. Hope I can make it stay that way). But like everyone else said Disney Customer Service was awesome and helped me out as quickly as they could.

I would say a week before you go, call up Disney and have them verify everything to make sure it’s good to go. If it’s not, it’s better to find out before you’re arriving. Write down what you’ve signed up for and have your MDE booted up so you can match what they’re seeing to what you’re seeing. This might take more than one call as, if you’re doing a tour, you might need to call the tour number as well.

But just a note, even if it all matches, be prepared that it will all get screwed up once you arrive. So print out your itnernaries, tickets for any parties or special things you’re doing, and have your MBs with you. With any luck, you won’t need any of it (well, except for the MBs) and it’ll be smooth sailing into the parks, but just in case it’ll be good to have all that as fortune favors the prepared…

Good Luck!


You can also add the reservation number and details for a tour in the notes section of MDE, so they will show up on your plans.

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Thanks all for the input! I called yesterday to ask some questions about our ADRs and the cast member had to check with the technical team if they were having system issues because my dining plans “weren’t showing up like normal.” That was all that was mentioned so who knows. I’m staying optimistic. :slight_smile:

Three years ago (our last visit) we had a similar problem I called and the accounts needed deleting and readding together again - i was nervous in case there were further problems whilst on holiday but it worked perfectly…
Hope this reassures you.