Glitch or is it me? Please check my TP

Tomorrow is my last day with access to a computer and a printer before my trip. Now that I have DD’s work schedule I am finalizing plans. My problem begins when I select the 3:10 time for Step 8 and no matter what I do it makes it an hour later and gives me almost an hour of free time beforehand. Can someone help? Here’s the link:

The plan says it takes 21 min to walk from MS to Canada, arriving at 3:17. That’s too late for the 3:10 show, thus it makes you wait for the next one.

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Thank you!! That’s why I needed an extra set of eyes, I just wasn’t seeing it.

Since EP is open until 9:30, you could try to ride MS after CP, as you head for the exit. Also, I see your plan time shows as only until 7:00, yet you have events after that. Have fun on your trip!

Yeah, I didn’t get that far yet, lol. I think my logic at the time was to make a plan only for FW and then add the WS afterwards. We’ve never stayed in the Epcot resort area so I plan to walk to WS another day and spend the day.