Glasses Question

I’m actually fairly new to wearing glasses. Should I worry about securing my eyeglasses during rides (BTMRR, SM, EE, etc)? If so, what are some recommended solutions.


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I haven’t worried about it for any disney rides, but you can get a strap to secure them if you’re worried. That’s what I did as a kid for bigger coasters.


I’ve worn glasses almost my entire life. I’ve only ever removed them for coasters with inversions and even then I don’t think it was necessary.


I wear glasses. I take them off during every roller coaster. My eyesight is so bad that I can’t see much without glasses so I hate having to take them off. For that reason I keep daily contacts for amusement parks and swimming. If you don’t need them much then taking them off during roller coasters wouldn’t be a big deal. And I bet you won’t need to take them off for most rides at Disney world.

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Eyeglass straps are super cheap so I’d think it’s better safe than sorry. My husband uses them for rides, zip lining, etc.


Eyeglass straps for coasters at amusement parks…I have seen people lose their glasses before, but only on the more extreme rides. I don’t think they are necessary for anything at Disney.

I would use them at Universal for RRR and Hulk, but that’s about it.

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I got contacts just for our WDW trip! Hadn’t worn them in 15 years.

I second the eyeglasses straps that go around the back of your head. We use them for our kids a lot. I also use them for myself when it’s very hot out and the glasses keep slipping around on my face. That secures them.

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“Hold on to your hats and glasses folks, cause this here’s the wildest ride in the Wilderness!”

I haven’t worn glasses in years but I never worried about them falling off at Disney. Unless they’re slipping in your everyday activities, they should be fine. Just don’t wear your diamond-studded ones, just in case. :wink:

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Thanks for asking this!! I have a follow-up question: which attractions require you to wear glasses/goggles? I’m guessing Muppet Vision 3D, but any others?

Mickey’s Philharmagic does as well. I hate it, actually. The entire show is all blurry/double to me and I end up with a headache. Muppet Vision 3D isn’t much better.

Toy Story Mania used to, although I’m not sure if it is still the case.

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Flight of passage, toy story mania, star tours

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If you happen to have astigmatism like I do, contacts may give you a better 3D experience. I think that’s the issue, but I know contacts make it better for me.

Yes. My prescription is almost entirely due to astigmatism.

I used to wear contacts…but they are very expensive and are annoying to wear…plus I now have bifocals, so contact lenses don’t preclude me from wearing glasses. On the other hand, I have four pairs of glasses now. My everyday glasses, my work classes (which have a larger bifocal area for computer use), my prescription sunglasses, and my amusement park transitions glasses. :slight_smile:

The issue is that 3D technologies work only if your eyes focus exactly where the movie editing expects you to be looking. If you look anywhere else, then your eyes don’t focus correctly and you end up with the double/blurred vision. I need a “look here!” prompt on the screen, apparently, to tell me where to keep my gaze.

Glasses and 3d shows always gave me terrible headaches. I also have terrible astigmatisms. That’s another reason why I wear contacts at amusement parks.

@ryan1 @heidelj thank y’all so much!! I have astigmatism too and do have contacts I can bring, but I wear them so infrequently my eyes get dry really quickly. I’ll probably try to start the day in them and just bring my glasses to change into ASAP.

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It’s worth a try. I have trouble with 3d movies too when I’m wearing glasses. You might test it out on a movie and see if the contacts help.

I have a similar issue with dry eyes, but probably not as bad as you. I don’t wear my contacts a lot, and I know that after about 8 hours, I’ll have to think about a plan b if I’m going to be out and about.

My eye doctor introduced me to better solutions. Pure Moist and others claim to be better lubricating,and I can concur that I have far less issues when I switched.

Also - SUNGLASSES. Get a really nice pair of snug fitting sunglasses to block the wind from helping drying your eyes out. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend polarized! Buy a strap to keep them on. They’ll also help you view your phone screen without having to blast your phone’s brightness in the Fla sun (battery drainer deluxe!)

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Even as someone with no vision issues, and no real problems on any of the other 3D rides, I agree Philharmagic is a really blurry one. I think its the age of it, perhaps, and wish they’d update it since the show itself is so fun.