Give up day of Epcot FPPs for evening SDD?

Hi folks,

We are going to HS on day 60+7 and will be there through mid-afternoon, so I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to get one FPP for SDD.

However, on day 60+3, we’re going to Epcot through mid-afternoon, have a 3:00 Homecomin’ reservation, and then we have the Fantasmic dessert package that evening . I’d always planned a little time to look at TSL and the rest of HS lit up for night time, but I’m wondering if I should try for a SDD fastpass. It looks like it will be fun in the dark, and like one we might want to ride twice.

If I try for that on my FPP day, I’d have to forgo making any Epcot fastpasses for earlier in the day. Worth it? We have plenty of other time in Epcot: our whole first day, an evening, and our last day until about 2:00.

If we did that, I guess we could also Fastpass Fantasmic instead of the dessert…

How many of you are there? I had no problem getting same day Fastpasses for the three of us last week, on two separate days. The first day we were supposed to go to Animal Kingdom, but our daughter wasn’t feeling very well in the morning so we cancelled all those plans. By late morning she was feeling much better and wanted to go on Slinky Dog, so I got us Fastpasses for 2:20 pm. The second time was a Studios day - we had Slinky Fastpasses booked for first thing, and DD wanted to go again. I got us Fastpasses for 2:50 pm without too much trouble (about ten minutes of refreshing during lunch).

I very rarely make EP FPs. I always make HS FPs. To me, I love the HS tier 2 attractions but never feel the need to book EP tier 2.

Only two of us! Thanks!