Give Feedback on my Oct plan?

I am getting ready for my upcoming 180 day mark, and wanted to get any feedback on my current plan thus far.
2 adults (myself, 35 and DM, 71)
1 child, DD-7
October 21-28
Port Orleans Riverside
This is DD’s 2nd visit, first was at age 5. This is adults 3rd visit in 6 years.

Saturday 21 arrival day, fly in from Ohio, arrive by early afternoon

  • CP dinner
  • MK fireworks

Sunday 22-
Midday break
Hop to AK at night
Tusker House ROL dinner pkg

Monday 23-
Midday break
Hop to HS in evening
F! Dinner pkg

Tuesday 24-
Pre RD BOG breakfast (if unavailable on 22)
Midday break
Raglan Road dinner, Disney Springs

Wednesday 25-
Hop to EP evening
Akershus dinner
See Illuminations

Thursday 26-
Pre RD BOG (if not available on 22 or 24th)
Midday break
Hop to HS in evening? Or stay at resort and see Yeeha Bob?

Friday 27-
Not sure yet, need feedback here!

Saturday 28-
Departure day, depends on flight times what can be done.

Really appreciate any thoughts!

I like your plan. You may find that the dinner packages may not be available at 180 days. Don’t panic if they are not! I also have never had an issue getting BOG at day 180 but I would book all three days just in case hours or or plans change.

What are your motivations for a pre-RD BOG? To just eat breakfast and check it out without cutting into park time? I ask because with the new opening procedure, the other former advantages of a pre-RD BOG are gone - early photos aren’t “empty” and you lose a lot of the jump on the Fantasyland crowds. If your DD (or you) are huge B&B fans, I recommend dinner - much more laid back and you get to take your picture with Beast.

Also I don’t know what time you intend to hop to AK and DHS for the dining packages.

I found that the latest I could get a dining package for Fantasmic was at around 4:30 / 5pm. I think Tusker House also says you need to dine 2.5 hrs before the first showing. That might be fine for you, if you can get the latest times. Depends on when you plan to break and for how long.

I ate at BOG preRD late February. We were able to ride 7DMT, and get in line for PP before the crowd. We also had plenty of time for photos. They let the breakfast crowd into the park before the rest of the crowd.

Man you’re hitting it HARD from the start! If you’re arriving by early afternoon, I imagine you’re flying pretty early from OH. Your backing a late night up to a pre-RD ADR the next day. Personally, my crew couldn’t handle it. I’d go slow and easy the first day OR plan a late start the next day.

I’d move that “not sure yet” on Friday to mid-week and work in a low key day around Tues or Wed. Sleep in, enjoy the resort, maybe some minigolf or DS or both, yeeha bob at night. We need a break part way through to re-energize and regroup and since you have a “not sure” day at the end, makes sense to move that up earlier and do that.

Otherwise I think your plans look pretty good.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker! Is there any rationale that you know of when the dining packages are released? Or, just keep checking if not loaded yet?

Thanks @Nickysyme, I hadn’t thought of the dinner package timing element. Much appreciated!

I have heard the same as @PrincipalTinker from several people that have gone since the welcome moved. Planning to get SDMT and over to PP.

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Thanks @OBNurseNH, I am going to try to rework with a more relaxed midweek. It’s a challenge to work around mnsshp nights at MK, as we aren’t doing the party.
My crew are all early risers, so usually up early regardless. But, getting the BOG pre RD later in the week sounds like a good idea. No need to burnout early!

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I believe they released the schedule for Rivers of Light a few months out recently, but they will not release dining packages until the show times have been scheduled. Sometimes Fantasmic is available at day 180 but sometimes it is a few weeks later.

Ok liners! Made some changes this afternoon. Here is the newly revised version :grinning:
Sat 21 Oct. - arrive MCO early afternoon from Ohio
Tusker House ROL dine pkg.

Sun 22 Oct- MK
CP brunch (latest breakfast seating)
Raglan Rd dinner

Mon 23 Oct- EP, pre RD GG
Break at Resort

Tues 24 Oct. - MK, pre RD BOG
Akerhus dinner
See illuminations

Wed 25 Oct. - AK
BOG dinner
See happily ever after at MK

Thurs. 25 Oct. - HS
Sci Fi Lunch
Resort , yeeha Bob

Fri. 26 Oct- MK (AM EMH)
F! Dine pkg.
see fantasmic

Saturday 27 Oct. - departure day, flexible depends on flights

Any thoughts much appreciated!

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I would book a 8 BOG on Friday jus in case they change the EMH days.

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That’s good - I read reports to the contrary, but that was early on.