Girls Trip - Ticket Question

I booked a last minute girls trip in November for one day with MVMCP in the evening. I had them all create accounts and linked them to mine so they all have the tickets assigned in the MDE app. When I received the tickets via mail, it did not say whose was whose. How do I check the ticket number and see who it is assigned to, so they can make sure they have the right one. Thanks!

Can’t help, but following for the answer if anyone knows.

If you log into MDE on the computer and click on “My Magic Bands and Cards” then scroll down to “Manage My Cards” , click the arrow next to your name – the tickets should be listed there and should show the ticket number. If not, they may not have been assigned and can be assigned to a specific person at Member Services when you get to the park. As long as the party is showing in your MDE, the ticket is unnecessary because your magic band will get you in.

Thank you!!!