Girls Only Trip Itinerary - 6-14 January 2017 - Thoughts and Suggestions Please!

Dates: 6 – 14 January 2017
From: Southern New Hampshire
Resort: POP Century (hopefully 60s Lake View)
Group: Myself (40-something, 6+ times at WDW) and Daughter (9, 3rd time at WDW)

Travel Day (Fri 1/6) – We have a direct flight from MHT to MCO. We take off from MHT at 5:25pm, and land at MCO at 8:45. We will grab luggage (don’t want a knock on our door at 11:45pm!) and take MagicExpress to POP. Grab supper at food court and then sleep!

Day 1 (Sat 1/7) – EPCOT day one (hours 9-9). Wake up at 6:30 and eat breakfast in the food court. Be at the bus stop by 7:30. Rope drop Test Track then Soarin’. Ride Spaceship Earth (maybe a couple times) then maybe Energy (if open) and meet Joy/Sadness and wander until World Showcase opens. Slowly wander and explore World Showcase. Take a Boat back to Future and FP at 1:50 on Spaceship Earth then a FP at 3:10 on Figment. Next over to our 4:10 FP at Frozen, hopefully followed by meeting Else/Anna before Askershus ADR @ 5:30. Slowly wander out, maybe do Figment and Spaceship Earth on our way out.

Day 2 (Sun 1/8) – MK (hours 9-8). Wake up by 6:00 and get on the first bus to MK to head over to our 7am ADR at Chef Mickey’s. After take the Monorail to MK for rope drop. Watch opening show then Drop order- Peter Pan, Small World, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, Splash then Pirates. Take a rest during Jungle Cruise, Tiki room then Country Bears. We have 2:00 FP at Mine Train, 3:05 FP at Space Mountain then 4:15 FP at Big Thunder. Then we will just wander until tired and hungry and head back to POP.

Day 3 (Mon 1/9) – AK (hours 8-5), Wake and on the bus by 7:00 for our Tusker ADR at 8am. After eating do our 9:05 FP at Safari and 10:10 FP at Everest (hopefully ride a few more times before and after) then head over to Dinosaur for our 11:20 FP. At some point we will have lunch somewhere, and maybe we will do the Wilderness Explores again, or maybe leave and go rest and swim. Though we REALLY want to ride Everest at night…this day is kind of very fluid!

Day 4 (Tues 1/10) – Park Day off. Sleep in a bit and a light food court breakfast. 10:30ish Bus to MK then Monorail to Grand Floridian for our Afternoon Tea ADR at 12:00n. We really want to go see Tri-Circle-D Ranch (I am a horse farm manager, I have to check this out!), so maybe monorail to MK then boat to Wilderness. Bus from Wilderness to EPCOT for a 5:00pm ADR at San Angel. Fast Passes to follow are 6:00pm Figment, 7:00pm Soarin’ (the whole reason we are making a short trip to EPCOT this day, just in case we missed Soarin’ last time) and 8:00pm Spaceship Earth. SLEEP!

Day 5 (Wed 1/11) – HS day (hours 9-7) 7am wake, breakfast and on the bus at 8am to HS. We plan on being there for rope drop to hopefully sign-up for a Jedi Training Academy at a good time for our FP choices. 9:10 ToT FP. 10:10 FP Toy Story. Ride Movie. Lunch somewhere. 1:50 Star Wars FP (then ride many more times if possible). Meet Chewy and Kylo Ren, Star Wars Stuff. Supper is 6:30pm ADR @ Raglan. I was REALLY hoping for them to release dates for the SW Fireworks and dessert party, but nothing yet, so I need to move on with my plans!

Day 6 (Thurs 1/12) – EPCOT (hours 8-9). Wake at 6:30 on bus at 7 to EPCOT. Rope drop Test Track then Soarin’ hopefully then be able to make our 8:50 ADR at Garden Grill. Ride the Land. FP Figment at 10. Head to the World Showcase and wander and see shows/movies we missed the other day. 5:30 ADR at Teppan Edo. FP Test Track at 7:00 then FP Spaceship Earth at 8:00 as our finale.

Day 7 (Fri 1/13) – MK (hours 8-10). 6:00 wake up, breakfast then on the bus by 7:00. Rope drop Pirates, Splash, Big Thunder, HM. Back track and do Country bears, Tiki and Jungle Cruise if we didn’t on our first day. Lunch somewhere. Wander and explore and ride more, no real plan. Dinner 5:05 ADR @ BoG. Stay for fireworks, maybe a break to resort after lunch…basically another fluid day.

Day 8 (Sat 1/14) – No parks. Lots of crying. Plane takes off at 1:20 and lands at 4:10. 6:00pm Work Christmas party (yup, for real).

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Looks to me like you’ve got a great plan! One thing I enjoy doing in the middle of my trips on no park days is get a pedicure at the Grand Flo salon/spa. It’s a lovely way to relax for a bit and get a little massage for your tired feet.

Maybe for the resort to resort hopping take an uber. If it’s your first time signing up the ride is free for $20. Most of my rides were around $7. Never had an ounce of trouble. It’s a lot easier then bus hopping and saves you time! Good luck! Sounds like a fun trip!