Gingerbeers Universal Adventure!

Thank you darkmite and all of you for your help! You are awesome. I’m a single mom trying to plan a great trip with my three teens in a few weeks.
Volcano bay is at top of our list to see it all lit up at night. They close at 8pm next month. Will we even see the lava/lights since it’s not going to be dark out? Or do they let guests stay inside a little past 8?
What time do you suggest we arrive there for the evening? Thank you!!!


Hey! Glad you started this thread!

They will start ushering everyone out at 8pm. However, they realize most people still have to go to a locker, change clothes & etc…

You’ll have a few minutes at the park entry to hang around to see the volcano at dusk. This is the spot you see in all the main photos / advertising

VB doesn’t really stay open late as they don’t want people in the water after dark


I see VB is open til 8pm Saturdays and Sundays only, 7pm on all weekdays. Sunset will be around 8:20ish and Dusk around 8:45, so nothing special to see in park. “Dark” would be 9:00 or so. With the long days in the summer, the only cool night view may be from the nearby hotels. Better yet, a visit to Bar 17 one evening.

There were years when VB stayed open til 9pm in the summer, but maybe those days are gone.


Can the waterproof lanyards be worn on all the rides? Or should we get lockers. Lanyards will have phone, cc, ID . Ty

Yes, except for the 3 extreme coasters that have metal detectors. You’ll need to put your phone in a locker, just make sure to keep your locker scanning ticket with you.

I recommend you tuck your large lanyard in your shirt before entering the ride vehicle on the attractions where bags/loose items are not allowed on. Like Hagrid’s, Mummy, Gringott’s, etc.