Gifts for the kids each night from "Mickey"

In an attempt to avoid paying park prices for souvenirs for the kids, I'm buying gifts for them at home and I want to have the gifts set out and waiting for them when we return to our room each night with a little note from Mickey. Will the Mousekeepers do this? They'll have to do it after we leave from nap time so they'd have to return to the room after cleaning up earlier. Any advice? Maybe I should just hide the gifts ...

We do gifts from Tinker Bell....bubbles, Minnie bracelets, Ariel goggles for the pool

Oops @ hit reply by accident... wink We leave the gifts by their bed when they sleep at night, then its there in the morning....gets them going quicker, too !

We did this on our first trip and I would just walk ahead of DH and kids a bit on our way back, run in and pull them out from an easy to get to spot where I left them earlier and lay them on the bed. Then I would pop back out to meet them at the door to our room as they strolled up. I am a very fast walker so it worked out well.

I like the morning idea. No way I can walk faster - broker my foot in April and when we go will only be 6 months post op. I'm still very much a limper - and need to use the babies' stroller as a cane. Maybe DH could do that though.

We did Tinker Bell gifts left overnight so that it was there in the morning when the kiddos woke up. We'd also scatter glittery confetti around it (on the dresser so that it was easy to sweep up). This way they had a brand new thing first thing in the morning as a good reason to get a good night's sleep (so Tinker Bell wouldn't skip the room) and as a gift that we could say "Well, you already got something today from Tinker Bell…you wouldn't want her to think you are ungrateful and skip you tomorrow, right?"

So sweet! Just keep in mind that you are setting a precedent -- on the next trip, they will be expecting Mickey gifts too. smile This is why I didn't overdo it with the tooth fairy and the first lost tooth like I wanted to. I realized, oh my god, we've got to do this 20 more times!

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We didn't do it every night so they wouldn't expect it the next night and on future trips. We were staying in a POR so I had notes that they were left by Tiana. Things like new Disney nightgowns. The next trip we didn't do any and they didn't mention it.

I had the gifts from a character that corresponded with the park/plans of the day. I didn't always get the gifts out at night. There were a few mornings i waited for DS4 to go to the bathroom to hide the gift. It turned into the great hunt each morning. There was def a day i hid the gift in my parents room that was adjoining, because i couldn't find a spot in ours fast enough.
I wrote up a little recap and included the notes i did. Most of the gifts came from the Dollar Store or the One Spot at Target. I also gave him pins each day. Feel free to check out my recap

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