Gifting tickets

I have a ticket/hotel reservation for myself in two weeks.

My niece (6 years old) wants to see Grinchmas in December. Shes only ever been to WDW in January for her birthday. I’m considering putting my plans on hold, and giving the room to my brother (or possibly our mother) instead

I know i can change my hotel reservation with no problem, but its the ticket i purchased as part of a package that I’m uncertain about. Do I:

A) keep my ticket and just make a day trip
B) go with them in December
C) transfer my ticket to whichever adult is going to accompany my niece

Which of these is possible?

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Not sure if this is possible, but I like this option.

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Well it doesnt matter. They’re all terrible at making plans, even when I’m holding their hands and walking them through it. They’ll probably wait until Thanksgiving before they finally start thinking about planning to make reservations

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