Gift Shop with "Up" Merchandise?

My 7 yr old shopper of a son is already looking forward to the gift shops at Disney World. :roll_eyes: He’ll mainly be using his own money, of course.

He wants to know, are there any gift shops with a good selection of merchandise from the movie “Up”?

We’ll have days at MK, AK, and Epcot. No HS.

A week later all of the shops are a blur, but we did see Dug Tsum Tsums as well as pins for Dug, Karl Fredriksen, and Russell in a few spots. I think Island Mercantile in AK probably had the most(?)

I see on the Shop Parks app there’s a SQUIRREL! T-Shirt that I did not see in park - I DEFINITELY would have bought that had I seen it in a shop. Darn.

Be sure to look for the Bark-O-Later by the AK Meet and Greet:

I found an Karl Tsum Tsum at the Disney Store (they recently had a big Tsum Tsum event), but I had never seen one before.

The typical UP things that I see in the parks are pins… things like the grape soda cap attached to a bobby pin cap. Nothing significant, but depending on when your trip is @starfrenzy I can keep my eyes open for you.

We travel in 30 days (September 8th), not that I’m counting.

OK… I’m totally counting.

Ahh, I forgot about the Grape Soda pins - and I bought one along with my DS and DD!

We got the usual size pins, saw them all over the parks.
They also had large 4" Grape Soda pins in AK that you could clip on a backpack.

IMO there is not nearly enough Up merch in the World.

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Yes the Karl Tsum Tsum is a new one, along with Dug, Dug with Cone, and Kevin. The Dug one sold out quickly at our local store, and this week it sold out on as well.

Yes more Up merch would be nice, and an Up attraction would be even nicer!