Gift Cards to pay for food at Flower and Garden festival?

They are advertising wrist gift cards to use at the Flower and Garden festival. I am trying to budget how much I need to get in gift cards for food. Where can/can’t I use gift cards to pay for food? I know I cannot use them using mobile order, but how about food booths, carts, etc?

Yes, you can use gift cards at the food kiosks at the Flower & Garden Festival. Makes it very quick and easy . . . almost too easy sometimes. :wink: It’s crazy how easy it is to blow through a $50 gift card in one day at those outdoor kitchens, especially if you are sampling drinks in addition to food!

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but at the moment I can’t think of anywhere in WDW that doesn’t take GCs. :thinking:


Good to know, thank you! I know at DLR we can’t use GC at pretzel or churro carts, so I wasn’t sure if it was the same at WDW.

All of the Disney owned shops, kiosks, and restaurants will accept gift cards as long as the computer system doesn’t go down. The only places where I’ve seen gift cards not accepted are the street vendors - balloons, bubble wands, misting fans, etc- as I believe they only take cash.


And you can use ANY Disney Gift Card. You are not restricted to the festival special ones.

Oh, this is so true. My DS and I loaded $50 on a gift card and it went so quickly (partly because of his $15 aritsan cotton candy).