Gift cards in MDE?

Is it possible to use a Disney gift card to pay for Genie+ or ILL? I can’t figure out how to save one as a payment method in MDE, and I’m not sure if I’m missing it, or if it just can’t be done.

You can’t save one, but you can enter a gift card when you want to pay for something in MDE. Unfortunately it means entering it each time. The recommendation is to create a note on your phone so you can easily copy and paste it into MDE when you want to pay.


wow never thought of that. great idea!

That’s a good idea. I’m certainly not punching in all twelve hundred digits at 7am. I suppose Disney knows that.

I just returned and we paid nearly everything in gift cards, except $LL. I got burned trying to use the gift card once, since you have to change the payment type to enter the gift card, and my transaction times out. After that I just used apple pay since it’s quicker, and didn’t have any problems.

Mobile order wasn’t a problem, adding genie+ never an issue.

We had a note with several cards on it, and managed them on I found it helpful to name each card on the site and wrote on each one in sharpie.

As mentioned, there’s no way to save the gift card to your MDE account.