Gift card deal- New Englanders - just this week

Today I went back and bought enough gift cards to cover my dues for next year. I charged them to my Disney card, and it looks since it’s a supermarket I’ll get the 2% rewards. So my total savings will be close to $300



Thank you again for this @Jsanta26! I had to go to 3 MBs yesterday to find one with Disney GCs left but I found some! That’s my fault for waiting until the last day. A young man at the Tewksbury store opened up the whole Gift Card rack to see if there were any Disney ones inside, but they had been cleaned out. North Billerica for the win.

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Aw crud

Guess who forgot about this :expressionless:

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:sob: I came very close!


Too many things rolling around in my head ahead of vacation and very few of them are vacation related!

Oh well

I’ll just not have a couple of cocktails and save that way.

:rofl: who am I kidding??? :rofl:

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Oh, wow. There are a lot of people in the world. Can you narrow it down?


Her area code is 603

Is her favorite landmark a tree?

I believe so