Ghost Galaxy / Space Mountain Change Over Time

I am considering a visit in early November, but curious to know if Space Mountain will be closed during that time as it is removing the Ghost Galaxy overlay. It looks like it was closed from Nov 1-15 in 2015. They were changing it over to the Star Wars overlay for the first time. Does it always take a full 15 days? Will it be returning to the Star Wars overlay? I have a family with kids who would really love regular Space Mountain or the Star Wars overlay, but they do not like Ghost Galaxy at all. Keeping these things in mind, we’re trying to plan out the best time to visit. Any info or advice would be a big help. Thanks!

If they do a Ghost Galaxy for Halloween, then yes, it probably will be closed for at least 7-10 and 15 is likely again if they have technical issues getting the projections up and running again. Last year was the first year of doing it so there were a lot of technical glitches that caused Hyperspace to be down frequently. Maybe 2016 will be a little bit smoother of a transition since it will be the 2nd year but no one knows.

Also, no one even knows officially what they are doing. They probably don’t even know what they are going. I would book your hotel now and do a couple of reservations that give you flexibility to cancel up until 2-5 days before your trip. Then watch for information as Halloween season nears and adjust your trip plans. Luckily, almost everything at DLR is flexible to be re-arranged, even at 15-30 days out. We’ve even decided to go on a whim and within 24 hours of saying let’s go we were in the car and making the road trip for the weekend.

Come July/August they might start releasing info on Halloween and/or announce a refurb of Space in late Aug/early Sep. Then you can presume they’ll put up Ghost Galaxy which would mean another refurb after Halloween to switch it to Hyperspace or classic Space. Who knows? I don’t even think they know what they’re doing until 30-45 days, most of the time.

But I would definitely start looking at hotels now for great rates, shop around, and most of the hotels along Harbor have a 48 hour cancellation policy (double check before you book).

Thank you so much for your response. I like your idea of multiple hotel reservations because I think you’re right about nobody really even knowing this far in advance, not even Disney. Good thinking! Thank you!

You’re very magically welcome! November is a great time to go too. The start of Christmas season at the resort is beautiful. Enjoy all your planning and of course your trip as well!