GFV now officially “sold out”

Guides have been telling clients that GFV is now sold out. And the new incentives no longer include GFV.

It will still be possible to buy points at GFV, just like at any other sold out resort. I guess ROFR on GFV contracts will pick up as people request points there.


I keep thinking about doing this and I always hesitate. I like to try new places and I don’t want a “home” resort. I just keep renting points but I keep looking at the site. They were offering deals on Riveria and Aulani I believe when I sat by the desk in GF this weekend.


You can always buy resale like I did. :wink: Over time, it’s cheaper than renting if you do it right. But if there’s any chance you will stop going on Disney vacations in the next 5-7 years, it’s probably best to stick to renting.

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I mean if I die or get sick I guess…LOL

The lady tried to convince me to buy because DS is 19 so I can leave it to him if I die. He would most def sell it.


I know, when I stopped to think about it, I realized it was more likely that I’d go to WDW more often in the future, not less. Buying resale became a no-brainer.