GF to MK walking path is open!

It is now open. Photos here:


Just wonderful because I was not a BLT/contemporary fan but I love being able to walk to a park or two! More options! :smile:

So excited for this!!! Can’t wait to stay at the GF in May!


So how far would it be to walk to GF from Poly and then take the path. We don’t get enough steps in the parks.

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In total I think just over a mile.

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Thank you. Just dreaming of future trip. DH for some reason likes to take the scenic route, seems to calm him.

This is a walk along by WDWMagic:


Yes, about 1.1 - 1.2 miles from Poly, just checked this out of curiousity earlier today


Is it just me or are those walk through videos the absolute best? Walking down that path, seeing the monorail go by… sigh… After a hard day I’ll pull up ithemepark on youtube and “walk” though the parks with a stupid smile on my face as the day just melts away.


I actually only really started watching the leisurely strolls videos by ResortTV1 during lockdown. The first one I watched was from the Poly to GF which I’ve never done before. Then I started watching some of them in the parks. I love just hearing the ambient sounds, it helps that feeling of being there.

In the WDWMagic one I was really surprised how loud the monorail was when going right overhead. I did find myself wanting more of the views though. I think Josh on RTV1 does them really well so I’ll be looking out for his for sure.


This is game-changingly exciting for me.