GF to Epcot

Anyone with experience know how long it takes and what’s the best way? 1900 Park dinner and we want to head to Epcot after. Transportation sites are saying 42 minutes by monorail, is that accurate? Seems like a long time

Should be pretty accurate. It’s 2 separate monorails so once you add in the time to switch lines and possibly wait for the next monorail, it would be about that.

Yep, 42 minutes sounds about right for monorail. You have to jump on the Resort monorail and then you have to get to the third stop (MK, Contemporary, TTC), get off, wait for the next monorail, and then take it over to Epcot.

Thank you. Think we will cab it to save some time.

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If your goal is World Showcase, cab to Beach Club then walk to International Gateway.