GF Outer Building/2 Queens Garden View

OK I am under 30 days and combing through the room view tool to configure my fax…any specific room numbers anyone can recommend would be super appreciated!
I thought I came across one that had a user comment of being able to see the water pageant and/or fireworks…but can’t remember what room or building that was! :confused:
I did find a nice one with a pool view/ views of other buildings…would love anyone’s feedback on buildings and/or room numbers…Outer Building, Garden View, 2 queen beds room type.
Thanks! :):heart:

I did mention seeing the fireworks and pageant but you couldn’t really watch and fully appreciate them. However I do recommend asking for upper floors so you don’t have potential pool buildings in front of your room.

Our initial request was Conch key building room 7406 or 7506 (noting the top floor won’t have a balcony on the deluxe room), we requested one of these rooms as we expected them to be quieter and with a good view. Also close to the dock for boat transportation. However we got Big Pine Key room 9414 (it’s our photo on the room finder) and we really liked that room as it was above the pool buildings and was great for people watching!!

So we were staying outer building garden view deluxe so we were in one of the tower rooms. But the numbers either side of ours would have similar views.

Thank you! I remember some your comments now from my previous post a few months back! I agree, upper floor as I don’t want pool buildings in view if possible. Looks like Big Pine Key is a nice location.

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In your opinion is Big Pine Key or Conch Key the better location?

I’d break it down as:

  • Big Pine is closer to both pools, the beach and the monorail.
  • Conch is closer to the boat, the bus stop and quick service.

Some of those are pretty subtle differences as you could likely get a room in Conch closer to the monorail than one in Big Pine if one is furthest from the lagoon at Conch and closest at Big Pine.

I would probably try to choose off of view given the distance looks pretty close. I think you might have a better shot at stealing a partial Lagoon view at Conch in something like 7316 if that appeals to you. It seems like Big Pine is going to offer pool views for garden with no shot at Lagoon given the other buildings and I presume all the Lagoon facing rooms are classified as Lagoon views. But it depends on what you prefer a view of - my guess is you’ll love either building in the end…

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I agree with @Damavs I think whichever building you’re in you’ll love it. I think if we went again we’d try Conch again just in case we got the partial lagoon view. But as long as we were on a higher floor at Big Pine I’d love to be there again too. The distance differences are minimal really. And for the amount of time we spent in the room even if we didn’t have a view we wouldn’t have minded. We were so busy we were rarely on the balcony and when we were in the room we were usually lounging on the beautiful comfy beds that felt amazing or in the sitting area we had in the tower part of our room. Oh you’ve brought back all the memories, I’d love to be sat there now :heart_eyes:

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Let us know which room you get and your thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful time. So excited for you that you’re under 30 days to go! Does that mean you’re going this month then?!

YES! We have 24 days to go, I can’t wait!!! I feel like I should be packing, at least getting everyone’s outfits squared away lol.

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How was your holiday? We really hope you had a magical time. Did you like your room?

Hi! Somehow I just saw this but I haven’t been logged in since we got back with Christmas etc… We had a wonderful trip as usual yes! Our room was okay, I sent my request and got a room assigned in a completely different building and a view way different from what I requested. I stopped at the front desk on my way in and the CM said “great news, I have a higher floor room in Big Pine Key!” so she switched us. There was some messy construction when you walked into BPK, and we didn’t love how far that building was (or just felt after a full day lol). Our room felt sort of small (which seems insane for GF) but it was b/c we were on 5th floor and our room was one of the ones that had one of those dormer windows…eating into our ceiling space and our balcony was half the size of the other balconies due to that setup.
All in all it was a great trip still (hey, we were at Disney after all!) but I did not LOVE the hotel as compared to our usual fave, Wilderness Lodge. Glad we tried it out but it just felt so spread out, we personally just prefer the Lodge.

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Its been a busy time of year especially with your trip just before Christmas too. Great to hear from you. It’s a shame GF didn’t live up to your expectations but at least you’ve tried it now. And next time you’re at Wilderness Lodge I’m sure you’ll love it even more, knowing that it really is your favourite. We’ve heard lots of good things about Wilderness Lodge, we didn’t have a chance to visit it when we were there but the public areas sound lovely and warming. Really pleased you had a good trip overall hopefully it won’t be long before you’re back.

That’s exactly what we said, at least we tried it and it’s nice to compare and see what we prefer. It is a beautiful property though that’s for sure. SUCH a busy, bustling lobby though! I guess I prefer the quiet feel of WL lobby lol. But that gingerbread house is amazing!

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Meant to add this pic in my reply…have to admit this was kind of cool!

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Great Thread. Any suggestions on GF DVC 2Bd rooms? I’m currently requesting 1613, but didn’t know if others had experiences or thoughts?

That’s so similar to a picture we have! It was a surprise to be able to see the fireworks over the roof. And if you looked right between the buildings to the lake you could just see the electrical water pageant. You’ve made me “homesick” now. I loved our room.

I’d love to see the place with all the Christmas decorations up. It really must just add to the magic.

I don’t know much at all about the villas apart from walking past them on the way to the poly. But just checked out the room you’ve selected (1613) and I like that view over the resort. I think I’d like the higher floors in that building too. It just seems to give a better view no matter which direction it faces. Hopefully somebody else can give a more informed opinion. Happy planning and I hope you have a magical time. :hugs: