GF guests with ADR are being asked to park across the street

:walking_man: :walking_man: :walking_man: I don’t know if anyone here has experienced this. But NO thanks! It’s always hit or miss if the CM at the gate checks your ADR (Riveria always does) but there are alternatives that DFB mentions

You Might NOT Want to Park at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Right Now… | the disney food blog

GF parking is terrible. With conventions and weddings it fills up fast. We stayed there last year and had to park across the way on the dvc side.

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Last time we went, we had to park over by the Spa. No big deal. It’s a Disney trip - we always expect a lot of walking.

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Staying at Bay Lake one time we ended up having to park n the CM parking further round beyond the MK bus station.

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