Getting twitchy - 60 days and UK visitors still not allowed in

It’s impossibly hard to plan and get excited when you just don’t know if you’ll actually be going :frowning_face:
I have so much planning to do and no motivation. I want dessert party fireworks (not available) and early morning magic (unlikely to be available now the extra hours are happening).
I have zero idea how ROTR boarding passes will work when on site guests can enter 30 minutes early.
Is park hopping even available yet?
I could cry at the thought of having to cancel everything again, it took me 6 months to get refunds from Virgin last year.

I hate to say it but I don’t think we’ll be allowed in this year. I’m booked for next July and don’t feel like it’s a definite.

Park hopping has been back for ages, you can only hop after 2pm though. No park reservation needed for the second and/or subsequent parks.

Wouldn’t you just transfer it to next year? My friend has done that twice now.

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I’m feel for you. As @missoverexcited said, it seems highly unlikely that the borders will open by up by then.

There should be no change. Obtaining a ROTR BG doesn’t depend on being in the park, or even near the park…it only depends on having a park reservation. You can obtain a BG starting at 7:00 am (on the dot) from anywhere.

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ROTR boarding groups will work the same as they do now, as you don’t need to be in the park for the first BG drop. Park hopping is available after 2pm, so long as the park you’re hopping to isn’t at capacity.

But…given the state of Delta virus here, I’d be pretty surprised if they change entry requirements within the next 60 days. They’ve just extended wearing masks in federal transporation spaces (airplanes, trains, ports, etc.) through January…had been set to expire in October.


They were absolutely awful!! Although it only took us about 4 months, I still think their customer service was wanting.

I second @missoverexcited 's question about rescheduling. Get back in control of it. I think half the fun of an Orlando holiday is the planning, so if you can’t do that/can’t enjoy doing that, then make a change.

I hope you get sorted one way or another :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Our trip isn’t until december but I’m starting to get a feeling it will be another cancellation. The US doesn’t seem to be in a hurry with EU visitors either and the covid situation in FL isn’t looking great :confounded:

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Thanks everyone. I stupidly bought our disney tix direct and can’t now transfer or get a refund, they need using by the end of the year. I’m assuming, if we aren’t allowed in, that my travel insurance will cover it.
Virgin seem to be ok with rearranging flights. I would just need to decide when to go or even if I still want to. The launch of genie has irritated me - like paying all that to get in isn’t enough!. They’re just charging for more and more all the time. Time was you didn’t have to pay for parking, but they realised they were missing a trick there, now paying on top of paying could be the final straw for me.
I might just take my money elsewhere :roll_eyes:.


I honestly wouldn’t blame you. I can’t even describe how much angrier I got as I read more and took in the implications.

If your tickets expire, you can still apply the cost to your next set of tickets. It would mean paying on top, but not the full amount. Just in case you do still go!