Getting to Trattoria al Forno from Pop before park hours

Hi there,

We have an 8:55 a.m. reservation for the Bon Voyage breakfast at Trattoria al Forno on May 8 (Epcot opening at 9). I’m running into a few issues due to our family configuration that we’ll need to figure out, and I was hoping the collective wisdom here could also help.

Travel Party: Two adults, two kids (4 & 2) – one booster, one car seat needed. No car rental. I have purchased a Bubble Bum for the four year old.

Option A: Try to track down an UberXL with car seat early in the morning to take us to the restaurant. We’ll just need to the one car seat to comply with laws since we’ll have the Bubble Bum. I can only schedule an UberXL without a car seat ahead of time, not one with.

Option B: Try to track down a Mears taxi with the same configuration.

Option C: Bus to Epcot, take return bus to Boardwalk Villas. Is this even an option this early in the day?

An aside: I have looked to see if there are any reservations after park opening that day, but it looks like we’re striking out for the easiest fix.

Anyone have any thoughts to the least stressful, most surefire way to make this reservation?

Thank you in advance.

Take a bus to Hollywood Studios. Walk or boat to Boardwalk. It takes about 15 - 20 minutes from HS to Boardwalk either way.We’re doing this from AoA with a 5 year old for a 7:50 ADR.

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I agree- I would take the bus to Hollywood Studio. Even if Hollywood Studio opens at 9 the buses should get you there in plenty of time. Do you have a stroller? As you get off the bus and walk towards the front gate on the right side you will see water. On the park side of the water is a dock. That boat goes to swan/dolphin, yacht/beach club and Boardwalk before it goes to Epcot. On the street side of the water there is a path that follows the waterway that you can walk to the Boardwalk (stay to the right).


Thank you both! I hadn’t considered that originally, and I think that will be our best bet. We will have a double stroller, and aren’t opposed to walking the distance versus the boat. I appreciate the help!

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It is a easy, lovely walk!