Getting to MK after parking?

We are staying offsite, so will be driving in/parking.

After we park, we go to the TTC and then are supposed to catch a tram or ferry to MK, right?

Looking for the quickest route.

I read somewhere about a shortcut (and can’t for the life of me find it), that instead of taking the tram or ferry, there is a path to the Polynesian that we can take to then just hop on the monorail there and that it’s a lot faster.

Has anyone done this or what is your advice? Thanks!

Park in parking lot. Then you either walk to( if parked close to front) or take courtesy tram to tcc. From ttc you have 2 options. Either take monorail or take ferry. If it’s your first visit please take the ferry as there is nothing more magical than seeing the castle get closer as you sail up it, it really adds something.
After you get off either methods of transport you will merge and go through a bag/security check. You then pass through tapstyles into area in front of the station for holding if pre rd or directly into the park and onto main street.
. If aiming for rd you will want to be leaving parking lot no later than 60 mins before park opening. We stay offsite also and tend to park up about 75 mins before rd and always have loads of time even at Easter.
Remember if you want to see welcome show to add extra 10mins as its about 10mins before park open.

I believe some people valet park at monorail hotels instead but weve never done that. There is 1 hotel that you can walk from if you valet park but can’t remember which one.

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Good advice about the ferry as it is the first trip for all the kids (and my Aussie hubby!). Thanks! I’m not sure I’ve ever ridden the ferry that I can remember either. The first day we are going opens at 9. Do they still have the welcome show?

You can walk to the Poly from the TTC easily enough. But I can’t believe that’s faster unless the Ferry/Monorail lines are crazy at the TTC. And even then I’d check the resort monorail line at the TTC first - that’s the monorail you’d pick up at the Poly anyway, but it also stops at the GF before hitting the MK. From the TTC to the Poly monorail stop is a relatively long walk so I can’t fathom it being faster under normal conditions. And frankly if walking to the Poly anyway, I’d probably take the boat from the Poly to MK instead of the monorail, FWIW…

We also stayed offsite for our trip last year and it was our kiddo’s first trip to Disney (ages 1, 3, and 5). We took the ferry to MK from the TTC and it was great! My kids loved being on the water and seeing the castle getting closer, and they pipe in cute Disney music during the trip.

Yes they still have the welcome show. Enjoy!

I have to echo pretty much everything that was already said. The express monorail is somewhat iconic - especially as it passes through the CR - but the line can be long and the ride can be claustrophobic; I almost always take the ferry. The CR is the only resort from which you can walk to the MK, but there is NO logical reason to do it from the TTC as you actually have to go PAST the MK mono stop to the CR and then take the 10 min walk BACK to the MK. The only way the CR would make any sense would be to valet park there for the day and then walk to the MK. But unless you have a meal planned for the CR (e.g Chef Mickey or CG) I see NO reason to take this approach.