Getting to mini golf courses

Disney has two mini golf courses:
Fantasia Gardens is near Swan
Winter Summerland is near Blizzard Beach.

From ASMu - how to get to these using Disney transportation?
FG, bus to HS then ferry to Dolphin and walk?
WS, is there a bus to Blizzard Beach even tho the water park is closed?

Called reservations and they say there’s bus transportation to Blizzard Beach for mini golf. Seems wild since the water park is closed.

If you’ve done mini golf, did you make reservations? I figure we’d walk up but maybe we should make reservations!

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I’ve never made reservations for mini golf. I’ve done both Wintersummerland courses.


Walking up was easy then? Either course more recommended.

We may have waited 10 minutes to play each time. I liked both the Winter and the Summer course. We played before and after Disney cruises. One was a Sunday and the other was a Saturday. Looking at pictures on my phone, we were playing at 11:30AM on the summer course on a Sunday and then the following Saturday we were playing at 1:45 on the Winter Course. We were there in October.

As far as transportation, we used Uber to get there the first Sunday and then took the bus directly back to ASMo. The following Saturday, we took the bus from CSR to Blizzard Beach and then the bus back to CSR. If I remember correctly, ASMo and CSR were two of the resorts that had direct transportation to Blizzard Beach.


Awesome. That’s very helpful context. Much appreciated!