Getting to Mama Della’s

Could someone help me figure out the best way to get to Mama Della’s for a dinner reservation? I’ll be staying at Surfside and will have a car.

Fastest is to drive to Portofino hotel and have them validate your parking. Second best would be to take the bus to CityWalk and transfer to the Portofino bus.


IMHO - This is the best & fastest option!

I love Mama Della’s & stay at both Surfside & Dockside often. I don’t drive. So when I go I just take an Uber/Lyft over to the hotel for about $7. Afterwards, when I’m stuffed, that’s when I like to stroll back to the water taxi to CityWalk and look around/digest before getting on the bus to the hotel. Sometimes, I’m so stuffed I just pay for another ride back to the hotel!!

Ask for Yosef as your server! He’s so good at his job and loves it!

If you enjoy mussels, you MUST have the pan steamed mussels appetizer! It’s massive and is probably the best thing I’ve eaten in my life. No joke… It’s very sharable. Although I’ve eaten it all by myself with no regrets - despite a tummy ache!

My personal “go-to” entree is the spaghetti with meatballs. I know that’s “basic”, but it so good that it’s not comparable to anything I get at home! :rofl:

On my last trip they had a “special” on the menu that I’m going to ask for every time going forward & hope they can make it! It’s a spicy seafood pasta with red sauce with 4 lobster tails, 4 prawns and more mussels for ONLY $44 - so GOOD!

Sorry, if I seem to hyped on this place. It’s really is my favorite restaurant on-site and it’s lunchtime now IRL!!

Oh! I don’t think the desserts are anything “great”. They’re good, for sure. They just aren’t extraordinary. If you have room for dessert, go share a Toothsome’s milkshake or grab a scoop at Cold Stone Creamery in CityWalk.


I wanted to try Mama Della’s so bad, but it just didn’t happen. Why are family members scared of some menus! :man_shrugging: :pensive:

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Thank you all for the advice :blush:
I think we’ll just drive.

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Idk… My wife doesn’t like anything Italian except pizza! I totally get it. You & I will ditch our families and dine there some time!

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Agreed :rofl:

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You ever have the mussels at bigfire? I find that with an order of hearth bread with an old fashioned is like the best meal ever.


I haven’t! Sadly, I’ve had two unpleasant food/drink experiences at Big Fire. I don’t go there anymore…

I’m willing to give a place a second chance most times, but after two I move on… especially when on vacation & my time is more valuable!

For me it’s the pesto / pancetta sauce that makes the mussels at MD’s divine! I dip my bread in that too!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: