Getting to Hollywood Studios from Poly

I know I read something somewhere about trying to get to Hollywood Studios for park opening… and of course I can no longer find it… What is my best option to get myself and my two teenage girls form the Poly to Hollywood Studios for park opening? I read that they are running the busses real slow and holding people on the busses. Was not sure if anyone had any experience with any of this. Thank you for your time.


If you want to rope drop and have a car you might consider driving and parking. The only part of the Poly that is open right now is the DVC and the bus service is okay but you may have to wait a bus or two depending on how many other people want to rope drop.

Buses get let in before cars get let into the lot.

Bus is your best option, just be there early to get on one of the first buses.

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By far bus, be there at least 1:15 before park open… The only people that will be in front of you are the walkers from EPCOT resorts.
Uber has to wait for the cars to be let in which is after the walkers, bus, and Skyliner are already going thru temp check.

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