Getting to Disney Springs

I am staying off site at Summer Bay resort (west side of Disney on 192). After reading that it is very difficult getting to Disney Springs due to traffic in the area and not understanding the directions in the book what would be our best route in getting there?

I would say don’t let that book scare you. We stayed in that same general area last fall and did not find it difficult to drive and park at Disney Springs with the caveat that we went during the day, not in the evenings. The hardest part was being the correct lane to get into the parking garage.

Driving to Disney Springs is easy-peasy. Nothing to it. And, thanks to the genius application of technology, the little green lights overhead know exactly which parking rows have open spots, and which spots are free. You don’t have to drive around. Just look for a row with a green light above it and head that way, looking for the parking space with the green light above it. Pretty cool, actually. (So, when a digital sign says that a certain level is full, believe it…don’t follow the cars that turn into that level anyhow. They are updated in real-time!)

@ahoover , If you’re talking WDW, then you should probably edit the forum category to WDW (this is DL). Easy mistake.

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Getting TO DSis pretty easy. Leaving can be a mess, depending on how traffic is routed. DO NIT try to leave at closing time for EP or DHS; it took me 46 minutes to get off property one night…