Getting that itch again, thinking of planning a trip

It has been awhile, and I have to really had a good experience planning a trip to Disney.

In 1999, we went, had things planned, had tickets to parks and a Very Merry Mickey Christmas. We used 1 day, my wife got ill. went to the Very Merry Christmas, did 1 ride, went back to the hotel, and back home the next morning (at least the park tickets are still good).

In 2012, my parents were having a 50th anniversary / family reunion. My wife hated me planning things, wanted stuff to be spontaneous, so I was banned from planning or even talking anything Disney for 2-3 months before the trip.

Even with all that, I am still thinking of going, since I am a big Star Wars fan, and I still have tickets purchased over 20 years ago that should be used sometime.

Now, with this new fast pass system that requires passes be reserved months in advance, planning is even more necessary.

All I have right now is an idea, a general timing (during the slow season), and a few thousand set aside.

Any advice on how to go about planning and still keeping peace in the family?

I think you can find a balance between planning and having some spontaneity. You could at least schedule your 3 FPs each day and maybe a ADR or two. You wouldn’t have to create a TP if that would be too much for your DW. At least you’d be guaranteed of a few rides and rest could be spontaneous.
Would your DW be okay with scheduling an ADR the day before? Lots of ADRs open up when people change their plans.

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the value’s in the planning, not the plan. Make the plans, but don’t talk about them with your wife, if planning stresses her out. I use these forums instead of my bf as the sounding board for all my plans :slight_smile: I have found that once I have a good plan, I don’t care if we use it exactly, it’s more of a “oh hey here’s a ride with a short line” or “we have a fastpass for that one later so let’s do this instead” convo vs a “next on the agenda: Space Mountain! Step lively” kind of thing. Does that make sense?


Get the ok from your wife to take a future trip to WDW and an approx date. Do the planning behind the scenes. Keep in mind your families likes and abilities to help decide what to do on your days and the FP+. Don’t plan your days full! 8 hours can be plenty. You could do a late start one day(fireworks), early start another day (rope drop) to mix it up. Be flexible in the parks but still explain the reasons for your plan. Even well planned days sometimes don’t work out because of weather, broken down ride, etc. It will work out for you!

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DH and I have agreed to split days. I plan the mornings (RD-1pm) then we take a break until 4pm’ish and do whatever DH wants in the evening. Sometimes I book a table service dinner he wants, or we just talk about which parks he wants extra time at. We’ve done crazy busy evenings where he asked for a last minute TP, and we have spent all night walking from store to store in MK looking for souvenirs. Whatever he wants. I don’t panic because I have everything planned for mornings, and he knows that we can do anything he wants at night, so he has more tolerance for my antics.


Well maybe don’t tell her you’ve got to get up by 6 am to maybe ride Rise of the Resistance!!

You Can be impromptu at WDW but that’s easier if you already know what you’re doing if that makes any sense. At least you don’t have to run around getting paper fast passes anymore.

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I usually do all the planning for vacations and he thinks it’s spontaneous. Haha! It’s difficult sometimes not to discuss planning but in the long run it can be easier cause he just goes along with whatever. I try to plan things he would want to see and do too and I try not to plan any super early mornings cause he’s not a morning person.

Plan by yourself, the first 75% of planning is just research anyway.

Make the best decisions you can based on what you know, and don’t stress her out by involving her. That’s how it works at my house too. And while I’m always nervous that I’ll make bad decisions and the trip will be RUINED! RUINED I tell you!! It turns out fine, and we’re all happy - I get to research and plan to my hearts desire, he gets to show up and have a good time. As long as I’m somewhat flexible day-of and know how to change things on the fly (aka how to avoid late cancellation fees)…it works great.

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