Getting started help please

I just signed up today and have been a member a couple times before but the format is really throwing me off and don’t know where to find what I am looking for. I feel like a dofus because I am sure it’s here I just need some pointers : )

  • I have paid and can log into the computer but can’t log into the app at all. I used the name email/password.
  • I was looking for the color coded best days of the week to go to each park based upon my dates, where is that?
  • Also, looking for the most up to date drop times for Genie+.

Any ideas where to look?


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Did you subscribe through TP or through an App Store?

You can find the crowd calendar here: Disney Crowd Calendar

The advanced Genie thread is here:

Did you download LinesWDW? It might not work if you downloaded the Universal app by mistake.

And welcome back to Touring Plans! :slight_smile:

TP website

Oh and when you are logging into the app - did you use your TP username instead of your email? It will make a difference.

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Is that that the only calendar? There used to be I put in a date range and it had the best options for each day.

It’s a new website/format. The monthly view crowd calendar displays the overall crowd level for each day. When you click on a specific day, you will see the crowd levels for each park.