Getting Reservations at Be Our Guest

my mom and i are going to wdw from nov 13-18 this year and she has never been and wants to eat at be our guest. there are no open spots for lunch or dinner while we are there. can you still wait in line for a table outside the castle?

I don’t think they take walk ups as a general rule but keep trying, people cancel all the time - I’ve even seen people post that they found a slot the same day. A day or 2 before is a prime time as people cancel to avoid the no show fee.

If you don’t get one, you could always ask if there’s any chance of being seated but be prepared for a no.

@missoverexcited is spot on. Your chances of getting a table as a walk up are slim to none, erring closer to the none side. On my last trip, I really wanted BOG. My mother and I both tried twice a day for a few weeks, and ended up getting it. I’ve found it very easy to check online for a reservation, so I’d often do it on my lunch break at work and then once in the evening. Keep trying! You definitely still have a chance at getting it.

Never give up @lemnak! And good luck to you!!!

theredhead is right. You have to keep checking everyday several times a day. I finally scored a resie at The Boathouse and I’m 51 days away from my vacation. Don’t give up! :smiley:

I got the Boatbouse too. Supposed to be awesome steak. Have you read any reviews?

Hi Sam2071! The Orlando Sentinel wrote a review about the restaurant. I will be more than happy to post a link if its permitted.

Don’t give up! I have been trying for weeks and just snagged a lunch for 5 on 8/16. I even tried several times this morning and there wasn’t one, just opened up about an hour ago. I am so excited and wish you the same luck!

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As far as I know, there’s no policy on the board about sharing a link to another website. I do it all the time! I’d love to see the review too, as I’ve heard fantastic things.

Hooray for perseverance being rewarded!

Hi everyone! Here is the link to The Boathouse review.

I too am here to say, “keep trying!” I booked all of my ADR’S on the first minute of the first hour of the first day possible – got all of them except dinner for 4 at BOG. Each day, I’d check in on the WDW website. Then just a few weeks later…bingo!.. BOG dinner and almost the exact time I’d wanted. Keep trying!

Yep! Don’t give up. I planned a last minute trip and kept checking. Took a week but we got in! And we were a party of 5!

You can always to breakfast pre-opening when those become available. Lots of spots open!

Good luck dear. :smile:

I keep trying to read without registering but it takes me back to the ad over and over. Oh well! Sounds like it was a favorable review.

Also see if BOG breakfast is an option. It may be a “trial” thing, not sure if it goes out to your dates at this time. We did BOG pre-RD breakfast last week, had no problem getting it at about 40 days before our trip, and read of someone on here who got a walk up for breakfast. There were empty tables at our breakfast, too.

Has anyone here used WDW Table Finder or some other sniper tool to get a table reservation? I was thinking of trying that for BOG. I’m @ 100 days out & haven’t been able to score there yet either. But as Dory says, “Just keeps swimming, just keep swimming…” :wink: I mean just keep trying ADR lol

I have a few requests set up on Disney Dining Buddy to help me get those hard-to-secure ADRs. They send you a text as soon as your requested reservation opens up.

Check at least once a day. ADRs open up.

I LOVE Disney Dining Buddy! I used it for a trip in March (Spring Break) and secured both reservations I was trying for, at preferred times! I just used it again for a trip I planned for a friend, she hadn’t made any dining reservations for a trip MID JULY (Ugh) and it helped me get the two reservations that I was looking for…O’hana and BOG lunch! I wouldn’t want to use it for every reservation for a trip, and I don’t believe that it’s necessary to use for every ressie, but I will definitely continue to use it in the future for the hard to get places or preferred times.