Getting Ready for FP+day; Check my Tps?

Getting Ready for FP+ day on Tues. Would anyone care to check my TPs and let me know if you see any problems or have suggestions?
DH, DS, my DM and me: Staying at CBR
6 day PHoppers; Deluxe Dining
Itinerary is as follows:
Oct 1: Arrive Resort via Car Around Noon - Head to Epcot FW - Coral Reef Dinner
Oct 2 : AK all day; Tusker 805 Breakfast and Rainforest for Dinner
Oct 3: HS all day - Sci Fi Lunch and HBD Dinner - SW Dessert if opens up
Oct 4: MK all day - Ohana 730AM - BOG 645PM ( not staying for party)
Oct 5: Epcot - mostly WS; leave early afternoon: Chefs for Lunch: Narcoosses Dinner; maybe back to MK after dinner
Oct 6: Free Day but have extra ParkHopper day to go back to pick up what we missed
Oct 7: Hopefully Resort and Disney Springs shopping day or switch Oct6/Oct 7
Oct 8: check out day - Horseback riding@1130


I am on my phone so I will check your TP later but I have to ask you to check out your BOG time. On the BOG reservation page this is posted on my party night:

Your plans can’t be accessed. You need to publish them

Definitely check your BOG dinner if not staying for the party. You probably won’t be able to keep it at 6:45.

Thanks for catching that - So when this ADR opened up I snagged it - but saw that when I booked I the “this is during a ticketed event” statement was there. So called Dining Line and asked before I cancelled it. Both the CM that night and the one I got 2 days later told me that as long as ADR is before time you supposed to leave the park AND you check in for your ADR before that time -then it is no problem, but you will have to leave immediately after and may be escorted out. I was still little worried so I have a back up for arrival day - but that really messes with my plans and I’d rather not use it. If I had the names of CMs and dates/times I talked to them - with me when I check in for my ADR - do you think that would make a difference? I have that info and was actually going to call again right before we left for trip to make sure I was told the same thing. Anyone had any personal experience with either booking this late and being turned away or booking this late and getting in?

I checked my plans - all said published but Epcot Arrival- I hit publish on that one just now - hopefully works now. Thanks again.

This needing the ticket is new this year. I am afraid that usually the people that answer the phones these days are not really trained CMs.