Getting nervous for Wednesday and package pricing -

Anyone else nervous about pricing for 2015 and what will be available? Guess we will have to wait and see???

I get more nervous when discounts are released.

I am waiting on the packages as well.

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Well, you know it will be rack rate so it will be very high but you also know you will be applying a discount ( hopefully) in the future. You only need to put down a deposit, so other than sticker shock, how bad can it be?

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Honestly, I'm kinda excited! I'll finally have an idea of the real cost, and I can kick my saving into high gear. I do better with a firm goal than with a guesstimate.


I'm super excited about it but am wondering how busy it's all going to be. I've got more than a year so I don't HAVE to book it as soon as I can - but I really, really want to! smiley

Busy = being on hold = getting to listen to Disney music. Could be worse!

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The rooms will be available online too, right? I don't like to talk on the phone, so I don't think I'd call if it's at all possible to do it myself online. Maybe that's just me though.