Getting more FPP when park hopping

Apologies if this has already been answered but I couldn’t find it. If I’m hopping and have my 3 FPP for my afternoon park, can I get a FPP for my morning park using one of the kiosks? Or will it recognize my original 3 and not allow it? I know if I reverse things it will work (3 in the morning park then one at a time in the afternoon park). My specific plan is to hit HS in the morning and be out by noon - ToT, RnRC, GMR, Star Tours, One Man’s Dream, and TSMM. I’d like to try to get a FPP for any of those first thing in the am so we could possibly ride something twice or be out earlier, but since it’s only a couple of hours I don’t want to waste my 3 on HS then have to scramble at MK all afternoon/evening. Also I managed to get a 7DMT for that night and don’t want to lose it.

You have to use (or let expire) your 3 FPP before you can get any from the kiosks. So no, sorry.