Getting Luggage from Dolphin to Yacht Club

Have an upcoming stay at YC, but we weren’t able to get in there our first night, so we’re staying next door at the Dolphin. Our plan is to be at EPCOT the day we check out of Dolphin and into Yacht Club. When we’ve done resort swaps in the past, we’ve just given our bags to the bell desk and they make their way over there, but since we’re going to EPCOT anyway, could it potentially be just as easy to roll them over with us on our way to EPCOT?

Part of the reason I ask, by the way, is that our plan that day is to go to EPCOT in the morning and then come back and hang at the pool for a while. If our suits, etc. are in transit, that could be a problem.


This is Memorial Day weekend, by the way. I know YC and Dolphin aren’t that far apart, but doing that walk with bags in tow in the heat might make it seem further, if you know what I mean. :smile: