Getting Lady & Tramp "autograph"

Is there a certain time I should go to get their autograph or a time I should avoid? We will be on Main Street just after 1:00pm. I don’t want to interrupt the lunch rush but I really want those paw prints.

Hi, Larrielaine.

If you’re trying to find the L&T pawprints in the concrete, they’re just outside of Tony’s Town Square restaurant at the bottom of a secondary set of stairs. There are usually strollers nearby (during parade times), so it’s best to hunt for them outside of rope drop or parades. They’re super easy to find.

(and if this isn’t what you’re trying to do, I apologize. As far a I know, there are no Lady or Tramp character Meet and Greets – and therefore, no autographs or signing.)

You can get them! You can go to Tony’s restaurant and ask the host for their autographs. It’s not really a meet & greet in the traditional sense because you will never see the dogs, but the host takes your book “out back” to get their paw prints.

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Ok! I hadn’t heard of this. I have a BFF who’s a Lady and the Tramp “hound” – ha, sorry – and I will be sure to mention it. :smiley:

I think anytime would be okay. It may just take some more time. When i did this i went in between meals. It took a couple of minutes. But it was worth it

Yes just go to to ys and ask. They will take your book and return with the paw prints. It is sweet and so worth it.