Getting kids on rides with no FP when Adults have them?

Does Disney have any leaway with FP if the adults have them but not the kids? Grandparents are paying for kids tickets but we won’t be able to link them up until the day before. (due to old tickets being applied) We will have FP for the 7 adults but missing the two kiddo’s age 5 and 4. Will they be understanding at all or will we be getting screwed on this situation? I’m assuming there isn’t a way to link the two kids with out actual ticket numbers?

My guess is that they will not be allowed on. However, given their ages many of the rides they would like, the adults may not like. And the kids can us other people’s FP. Perhaps plan for adults to take one for the team and rotate through who gives up their FP for the little ones. I bet you can find someone willing to stand down for Winnie The Pooh :grin: And you CAN pick up day-of-FP if you follow the TP technique ( look around for that thread in this forum, it’s been active recently).

Good luck!

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Current plan is PP and NR that i’m most concerned with. I think we might be able to snag a 1 person FP the day before on Belle, and Rivercruise. Otherwise plan B may be send two of the guy’s to space mountain while we give their FP to the kiddos. Was curious if anyone had been in this situation. We called to get the tickets added but Disney wouldn’t do over the phone and said we had to do at the ticket counter.

Here’s a situation I had that might give you hope :slight_smile:
On one of my MK days, only part of our group had FPs for Enchanted Tales with Belle (we spent the morning in two groups, one group at DS for BBB makeovers and one group at Epcot, using FPs there). We met up for dinner and the rest of the night together, and couldn’t add the Epcot group to our FPs for ETWB. When we got to the FP check-in, we just asked if the other group (3 adults) could go in with us, and CMs were fine with it :slight_smile: Was not a slow day (I think the CL ended up a 6 or 7?), but it was later in the evening, I think we got there around 6:30. Going to keep my fingers crossed for you that it works out for you, too!

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I would not count on it. If they allowed exceptions on a regular basis, even more people would try using that excuse.


Thanks hope is all I was looking for. We aren’t trying to be sneaky but unfortunately have a situation where our hands are tied. I’d just hate to spend all this time trying to come up with a plan that works for all 10 of us to not be able to do our main rides together. Timing on NR FP will effect the entire day plan. And PP would be nice to do together but that is one where half the group isn’t going to wait an hour. Soo I guess fingers crossed.



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We had some very nice CMs that day, maybe there was extra pixie dust in the air :slight_smile: We were late getting to MK after leaving DS (walked to Saratoga Springs to catch the bus to MK and the bus seemed to take FOREVER to get there), and missed our first FP to meet Rapunzel and Tiana (AND the grace period even), but the guy there let us in. Maybe he saw we had a mini-Rapunzel with us and knew we COULD NOT MISS IT!! :smiley:
If you don’t have the same luck, would rider swap apply in this situation? We never used it, so I’m not sure of the details on how it works…I guess you can’t use it if there is no height requirement? This sounds like one of those ‘hope for the best, plan for the worst’ situations. Passing off magic bands sounds like it might be a solution. (Personally, I would volunteer to sit out of PPF if I couldn’t get on with a FP…not all that exciting to me.)

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Here’s the link to the thread that talks about getting day-of FP. I think that if you’re only looking for 2 FP you should be able to find them for PP & NR. The key would be to use the FP that the kids have now, modify it to NR or PP (any time is fine), and then modify the time to overlap with the rest of the group.

I think that @OBNurseNH also had a very nice, detailed step-by-step on how to do this? Maybe she could kindly drop back in and link that.

Also, my first post in this thread was missing a very critical “not”- as in I think they will NOT be allowed on. I corrected that post but want to alert you to the change @sassy1ja so sorry for any confusion. But I concur with others that it would take a miracle to get them to let the little ones on thru the FP line, without a FP.

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Always happy to help! Here you go :slight_smile:
How to maximize the FPP system to minimize ALL of your waits – not just the first three