Getting from London to Dover for Disney Magic Norway Fjords

Has anyone done a DCL cruise out of Dover? Seems a bit difficult to get there and also return to London or Heathrow (doing a close loop, so I need to get to and from port). Looking to stay in central London for a few nights pre-cruise then make my way to Dover the day before cruise embarkation. Also on return - I’m open to staying an extra night in Heathrow airport hotel or central London -to make it easier on flight times. But everything I look at is complicated and expensive. Any tips?

Does Disney not offer shuttle service? I know it would be for a fee, but they handle the details that way.

While I wish I had first hand advice for you @Meech have you looked at Expedia or Priceline? If you book your pre-cruise stay with one of them I bet it would trigger some transfer options. Just a thought.

You can get a direct train from St Pancras to Dover but I don’t know how much it’s likely to cost or how close the train station is to the port.

Thanks for the input everyone. Disney doesn’t run a shuttle. They recommend a third party service, but it only runs the day of the cruise (so can’t get there a day early) and there is some festival planned for the day my cruise leaves (so the shuttle service said it may have issues with picking people up). I’ve been to London before and it was easy to do the tube. So hoping the train is just as easy (just surprised at the cost). Looking at $100 dollars round trip from St. Pancras to Dover and from there I still need to get a taxi to the port. I just thought for mass transit it would be a bit cheaper and I hate that I have to make so many connections. Walk to tube, tube to train, transfer trains, taxi from Dover train station to port. I am used to paying Disney a bunch of money to whisk me to where I need to be. Seems like these northern Europe cruises Disney lets you figure out transport on your own.

I do have a travel agent, but she seemed to also put the onus on me when I first booked. Weird. I’ll have to ask again now that I have firm travel dates. I’ll be sure to post for others’ benefit what I find and what worked (or didn’t).


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I have taken a train from London to Dover to get on the hovercraft before the channel tunnel was finished.