Getting from Disney Springs to Hollywood Studios

Thinking ahead… to August

On the night we plan to go see Fantasmic, we want to grab dinner in Disney Springs before hand. What is our least painful option?

(1) Water taxi back to POR, and hop on a DHS -bound bus.
(2) Bus to Boardwalk and enjoy a 15 minute walk around Crescent Lake.
(3) Some other option I don’t know about?

I’d like to avoid Uber.

Bus to Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin/BC/YC and then boat (or walk) is likely simplest - some of those share a bus to DS anyway. Swan/Dolphin would be closest to walk/boat as well, but it’s easy enough to just hop whichever bus arrives to DS first - pretty sure we did that heading back to BC from DS and ended up at Boardwalk…

Boardwalk is the furthest by boat, but likely a shorter walk than BC/YC…

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Use this as a tool (not necessarily completely up to date, but “good enough”):

And, for the record, the best option it recommends matches what @Damavs suggested

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