Getting from BLT to Epcot, AK and HS?

We are pretty committed to staying at BLT (renting points) when window opens up.

I know getting to MK is easy. I thought EP would be too given both are on monorail, but I’ve seen conflicting reports due to changing at TTC. How long / how easy is it to get to EP? We will only be doing EP in afternoons (on sleep in days) so no rush, exactly but I have seen reports of an hour!

I’ve resigned myself to Lyft/Uber in early AM for AK and HS b/c on at least two mornings we will do RD at those parks (expected to be 7am EMH at AK and 7am EMM at HS, if still offering next year). Where does Lyft/Uber drop off at those parks? Is it convenient? What should we expect when returning? TP says 30 minute commute? Is that total time on bus, not including wait for bus? On the AK night I’m hoping to return to see Pandora at night after naps but am dreading an hour commute. On one of the HS days we will return for F!. Wondering too best way to get back home with the masses. I’ve never stayed in property but have experienced lines for busses at close of DLR near park close and was astounded!!! We walked home it was faster.

Over 9 park days, 3 will be spent at MK, only one at AK, two afternoons at EP, and one 7-2 day at HS, and one split day at HS where we return fur F!

BLT is still best location for us, I think, and esthetic for my DH and room set up with kitchen and bedroom (ie; we will walk over to MK and do a surprise arrival early evening visit for 3-ish hours starting with a M&G with Mickey/Minnie, followed by a full day (hopefully EMM) on a likely Xmas party day, then do a full early afternoon through HEA/close. No park hopper (I’m using those $$ for EMMs instead). Split stays aren’t appealing for me on vacation - more hassle then Uber I expect and worse with fridge and groceries in condo setting.

Anyone have stayed there and have transport tips? TIA!

Never stayed at BLT, but have CR and the two share buses. (staying BLT in October) I never had issue getting to HS or AK from CR, but Epcot one morning they ended up sending a bus to CR because of monorail situation. So yea if you want to be assured a quick trip, Uber or Lyft (I’ve no idea the drop off/pick up locations - hopefully someone else can answer)

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@coloradoresident Getting to EP is not too big of a problem, because the resort monorail goes clockwise… it’s only one stop from BLT to TTC.

It’s coming back that’s the pain in the rear, because you have to take the resort monorail all the way around. You could, of course, take the MK monorail and then walk to BLT, but I don’t know how much time that’d really save.

We stayed at BLT for our kids first WDW visit last fall. We loved the convenience to MK and the kitchen to eat a quick breakfast in the room each morning. From my adult only trips, I know it can take an hour to Epcot by monorail so we decided to pay the premium for a Minnie Van. Pricey, but in the context of the cost of the total trip, it was worth it for the time savings.

We stayed at the Contemporary in January and as others have said getting to Epcot is easy via monorail.

It is just a matter of getting a little lucky with timing since you are waiting on two different monorails. Also there is a bit of walking at the TTC since the two monorails have the MK express monorail in between, so you have to leave the platform go down a ramp, around to the other side and back up the ramp to the other platform.

It is real easy with the MK express monorail, the exit doors open right up onto the Epcot monorail entrance platform.

The return takes a little time since it goes to the Poly, Grand Floridian and MK before reaching the BLT/Contemporary.

The ride into Epcot is fun, since the train swings through the futureworld area of Epcot before entering the station.

We had our own car with us, so we drove to AK and HS, easier & quicker than the bus. Did morning EMH at AK and went from CR to AK in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks. Very helpful. Does anyone know where ride share drops off at HS and AK?

Oddly enough, you don’t save any time. I did this and even at my speed, the resort monorail beat me by 2-3 minutes. It’s the wait at the road/traffic light that really killed it. Without that, you maybe can match or beat it, but we’re then talking seconds.

I’m confused, why would it take an hour? Barring any mechanical issue, getting to Epcot should take no more than 20 minutes or so?

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HS is right outside the main gate. Just about where the old bus terminals used to be.

Afraid I don’t know where the AK one is.

Walking from Bay Lake to the monorail station at CR, waiting for monorail at CR, and waiting for the Epcot monorail all take time. No way can someone count on walking out of BLT and arriving at Epcot 20 minutes later. It can be less than an hour, but if you have to wait a bit at both stations it can be an hour from door to door.