Getting extra FPP

Can someone answer a question for me or help me find the answer, because everything I’ve found suggests I did this correctly but it did not work out for me.

On the last day of my trip, I had FPP booked for the afternoon/evening at HS for myself, DW, DD8 and DS6. As it turned out, DW and DS2 were napping at the hotel and were not going to make it for the first FPP around 2:45-3:45PM. I thought that if I let DWs FP expire, everything would be okay later for booking extra FPP. Around 4:30 or so, I saw that her FPP was still showing up in MDE even though the time was past, so I cancelled it, thinking that it was already expired and not wanting it to interfere with extra FPP booking.

Anyway, after then using FPP for SDD and RnR, I tried to get a TSMM FPP later in the evening, but the system wouldn’t let me book one for DW because she hadn’t used all her FPP. It worked out fine in the end because I got the FPP for everyone else, let her ride with the kids while I had a frozen Jack & Coke, but I just want to understand what not to do next time.

Was my mistake cancelling the first FPP after it had expired? Should it have disappeared on its own?


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The issue was you were in a tiered park and booking additional tier 1. You must use or expire all three FP before booking another tier 1 as a fourth. It likely would have worked if you had not cancelled the expired one but sometimes the system still won’t allow the 2nd tier 1 until both tier two are scanned.

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Live and learn, I guess. They’ll probably make changes to the system before I go again in 2 years and I can learn all over.

I mostly went for extra FP+ at MK, so no problems there. I was just proud of myself for taking advantage of Splash being down at rope drop, so while I waited with DS2 at the play area for DW and kids to ride BTMR, I grabbed a FPP for Splash that converted to an anytime. Wish I could have taken advantage of that more this trip, but I guess getting a nearly rain-free week in mid-September with few ride closures was probably better anyway.


oooo sneaky - I’ve had that happen by coincidence. But now I’m going to keep an eye on what’s down!