Getting discounts with Disney Visa


I understand that you can receive 10% off if you use your Disney Visa at some restaurants and purchases. If you like your Disney Visa to the magic band, do you still get the discounts? Or do you need to use the Visa at the time of purchase? Does anyone know if any food purchased gets the discounts or just certain restaurants?


just certain restaurants and with restrictions including some holiday dates. Read the fine print in card member services, and you may have to call to clarify since For example, H&V is in the list but it reads in a previous sentence that "holiday buffets" are excluded. So does that mean Minnie's seasonal Christmas buffet is excluded any time they have the characters dressed in holiday or just the blackout dates. Also alcohol is not discounted.


Not sure if all dining is discounted, I believe just certain restaurants but it should be listed on Chase website.
I do know that simply having the card linked to your MB won't give you the discounts, you actually have to pay with the card itself (was recently told this by Chase).


Here's a list of the perks including which restaurants offer a discount. You need to pay with the Visa at the time of dining in order to receive your discount. Charging to your Magic Band will not work.


Thank you!


and don't forget to mention to your server the discount, as I doubt they will automatically see you have a disney visa card and give you the 10 percent discount


Has anyone successfully received the discount when using a gift card plus the Disney Visa card? This would be for the Surfs Up Breakfast in Disneyland at the PCH Grill.


I just applied for a Disney (in the small print) specifically tells you to mention/request the discount when purchasing merchandise using the card. Not certain if this applies to dining purchases as well, but seems as though it might follow.


We used it at WDW Biergarten last month and I asked about the 10 percent discount and of course they gave it to me. Don't know if they would have given it to me without me asking. Not all WDW restaurants give you the 10 percent off though


Nope, you need to have the card with you, show it, and ask for the discount. It would be great if it was automatic.