Getting deliveries from Garden Grocer, Amazon Prime, etc

Hi, I will be ordering groceries from Garden Grocer for my upcoming trip in Oct. I was also thinking of placing an order through amazon prime pantry and maybe also Staples as well. Many items are cheaper on prime pantry but we also need milk, fruit, etc from Garden Grocer. Is it okay to order from multiple sites, will bell services hold all the packages for us? Also, how far in advance should I order from amazon and staples?

Bell services will hold packages from all of these sources. Check out for more info on having items shipped to a WDW resort.


Remember that garden grocer has a minimum amount you must spend for delivery - I think $40.

We will be staying at Saratoga Springs in a few weeks. I want to use OrlandoGroceryExpress (OGE) (aka GroceriesAndStrollers) to deliver to SSR; however, when I called the hotel, they told me only Garden Grocer and Goodings are allowed to deliver. Is this true?

I want to use Orlando Grocery Express because it has harder to find items that Garden Grocer and Goodings don’t have (ie, Van’s Gluten Free Waffles, etc).

Will Disney accept delivery from OGE? Thanks!