Getting confused with Touring Plans Dining section with the Dining plan credits required


Not sure if I am reading the site wrong, but the each dining location has a “dining plan cost” against it, but it simply seems to say “1 credit” requiredf. There is no distinction between a Table Service credit and a Quick service credit. I can only assume that these costs are based on the Deluxe Dining plan, but it is VERY misleading and making it pretty much impossible for me to cost for myself who is going on the standard dining plan. So for example, Spyglass Grill, Casey’s corner and Ohana are all listed as “1 credit required”, when in fact Ohana is a Table service credit, whilst Spyglass and Caseys are Quick service. This seems a significant defect with the touring plans site (or am I doing something wrong?)

The “costs” in credits are solely based on whether the restaurant is a Table Service restauarant or a Quick Service restaurant (also known as a Counter Service restaurant).

Thus for Ohana, it is 1 TS credit, since it is a TS restaurant.

Casey’s is 1 QS credit, since it is a QS restaurant.

A few, like Be Our Guest, are both depending on the meal. So breakfast or lunch there would be 1 QS credit, whilst dinner would be 2 TS credits.

The type of dining plan you have doesn’t matter so much. Unless you have a QS plan, in which case you cannot use those credits at any TS restaurant.

Does that help?

no not really, because I dont know if its a table service or a quick service resteraunt - the information page about the resteraunts on each page do not tell you if its a Table service or a quick service eg.

None of those tell you what type of resteraunt it is. Trying to calculate what and where I can eat on the dining plan, is a pain using touring plans. The info about the places is great, but seriously, how hard is it to list the type of dining location it is with the rest of the detail

Are you looking for this?


Yeah, I see your point.

You can search using TS or CS as filters. And I guess some phrases are clues - but only to those who recognise them for what they are (“walk-up”, “mobile ordering” etc).

@len, would this be a possible addition to the dining pages?

I believe the link I posted is when Len has posted the info. Each restaurant is listed by location and type of dining plan. Each of those links go to the detailed page that @edwar368 posted.

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Thanks. OK I can see this is a navigation construction issue - Ultimately I dont see the issue in adding that simple bit of information on each resteraunt page.
I would consider my approach to my choosing my dining to be fairly typical in that I

  1. Look at/search for, reviews on what are considered the best rated Resteraunts in WDW
  2. I then come here and search for said resteraunt
  3. I therefore bypass the previous page you linked to that has the resteraunt type next to it.

As already mentioned, given the wealth on information about the resteraunts on the final page, adding that extra piece of information shouldn’t be difficult and I would say would make each page far more self contained and useful.

My apolgies if the above seems a bit “curt” (it does to me re-reading it). My only excuse is that I have spent the day trying to balance and reconcile my resteraunt bookings against my quota, compouned by the fact my current day job is designing a large corporate web site and navigation and ease of find information is the current hot topic :slight_smile:

So could I pretty pretty please ask if it would be possible to add this information to each resteraunt page :slight_smile:


You’re only talking to other users here so we can’t add it but @len is the main man round here and he’s already been tagged - if staff can add it easily, I’m sure they will.

You can email if you want to let them know suggestions for improvements directly. But of course sometimes you don’t know you want to suggest something until you’ve talked about it with other users!


Lol, it is so funny how we all have our own way of planning! I had never looked at any of those Touring Plan pages until I followed your link and started looking. My world into Touring Plans started in the app so my dining plans always start here:

Then I browse menus by location:

I always check if these have been updated by looking at all ears

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I don’t know if Touring Plans can predict what information will be most helpful but I am sure they will be interested.

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I’m not sure how you navigated to that Casey’s Corner link, but the page from which it launches very clearly separates the restaurants discussed into Table Service and Quick Service


my main source of information is youtube and sometimes the numerous Disney Facebook groups I belong to. If there were only a few resteraunts to choose from, I would probably look at every one, but as there are hundreds, I rely on the numerous people who do nothing but blog about Disney and some even just about food at Disney such as Disney Food Blog -

I always go via the app and search by location too. I spend hours looking!

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And I just go by what I know I want to eat! LOL

Guess I’ve been going too long and too often to need a list of any sort.


@OBNurseNH - To assume that people will follow a menu navigation down and down is big mistake in website design, you will loose a high number of visitors before they get that far. There are many technical topics on this topic :slight_smile: . Thats what the search box is for at the top of the site. I typed my resteraunt names in there


I can totally see your point. Which is why I asked how you got to the page about Casey’s.

I think you’ve raised a good point. I’m sure they’ll consider it!

Yep some of us are not that lucky!


Thanks for the responses. I emailed the webmaster and Brian has responded to say they will add this to the pages