Getting around

Ive never been and want to start planning for a trip. What is transportation like? Do I rent a car and pay to park at the parking lots? In california we actually walk to the parks to save money on parking but Im sure thats a whole different story here.

Will you be staying onsite ? If you are parking is free. Where will you be staying?

wont be staying at a disney resort. I was looking at the red lion. and the galleria palms

Bus transportation is really good, in the main. We never drove to the parks.

Oh I just saw you’re not onsite. Never mind. Your options will be to drive then - $20 parking fee - or taxi/Uber.

If you are staying off site - you probably need a car. I am staying on-site and I will still end up taking an uber once or twice during the trip

Are they good neighbor hotels? It is a little different at wdw. What is the difference in cost with one of those and a 10% discount at an All Star or Pop?

Ive read the bus waits can be very long .

there was still quite a bit of difference in price over 50$ a night.

Im really leaning towards a car, but hate to pay for parking!

$20 a day for parking, rental, no free airport shuttle, no 60 day FPs, no EMH- if it the same size I would look at all the numbers. Is there a resort fee or parking fee at the hotel?

Even if your hotel has a shuttle to WDW - they are going to be much, much more limited and will limit you options.
I agree that paying for parking is tough to swallow - but unless you stay on site, you really don’t have much of an option.

I was just about to post again with these basic questions LOL
When you add in the cost of the rental and the parking plus the convinence of NOT having to park at the parks (especially MK) and that depeding on when you go there is more than likely a deal at a value resort - the price difference may not be as much as you think.


Ill do a little more research and do the math thank you guys

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If i do decide to stay on site would i need a car?

I have never used a car when staying on site.
We are going to dinner at a different resort than we are staying at one night and we will use an uber for that. You can get coupons and it is pretty cheap.
We could use disney transport if we really wanted to save that money, but we would have to go to a park then from that park to the other hotel & don’t want to spend our time doing that.
Otherwise, I have never had any trouble with the disney transportation staying at pop-century or AoA

I was looking at the All star sports, since it is one of the bargain disney resorts.

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No - presuming you are just planning on doing Disney stuff. Magical Express will get you to and from the airport (presuming MCO) and the DIS transportation system will get you to/from the parks and Disney Springs. And frankly now with Uber/Lyft available for any short trips even if you wanted to hit a grocery or Universal that would be far cheaper than renting a car.

If you were planning on doing Cape Canaveral or a beach sojourn, renting a car for at least a day would be wise. The one time we rented a car and stayed at AKL we never used it and just used Disney transportation. If going off season, you can find cheap rental cars through someone like Hotwire - if you can rent something for $50 for the week, that does change the equation, but in general I wouldn’t bother.


Wdw crazy here and I have never used a car. MDE picks you up at the airport and brings you back. Disney transportation at the parks/resort (sometimes I will Uber).

Depends what you want. If you are staying inside the bubble - the easiest (although not always quickest) is to use WDW transportation. If you prefer more flexibility - renting a car is easy. If you stay on site - you do NOT need to pay for daily parking at the parks.

Driving in FL is easy - there are several tolls - but most rental companies allow you to rent a toll scanner.
Getting around WDW is also very easy and well marked and if you get tired - you can switch to the buses

The only downside is that Magical Express back to the Airport is WELL in advance of your flight - so you may end your vacation an hour or two prematurely.

It is really personal preference. We have done both - really six of one