Getting a refurbished ASMo room

I really really really want a refurbished ASMo room next month. Like, really. A lot. Mucho.

Trawling the internet suggests that having a preferred room is not an advantage in this regard. Apparently the current state of play is that about half the rooms are done in each category.

Obviously there’s the TP fax. But I’ve read that people call someone (who?) and get the request added to their reservation.

At such a busy time, if I do get an old room and start crying at the check-in desk, will that help? I think it’s likely to happen.

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They might call security!:wink:

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Phone the U.K. WDW number:

tel: 0800 20028 200778

Have it noted on your reservation.

The TP fax is fine to do as long as it doesn’t contradict what you’ve already said. But time and time again, I have seen posts from CMs who work room assignments say that officially they are not supposed to accept faxes. It will totally depend on the CM who is working and the resort in question.

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What if I lick my lips seductively at check-in? Or promise if they give me what I want, I’ll give them what they want. And then wink seductively. Maybe do the licking lip thing at the same time?


That seems like a lot of digits!



I thought this was the number - it’s on the website.

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Hmmm, that was also on the website. Down at the bottom of the main Contact Us page. But it should have read

0800 028 0778

I can’t remember which one I’ve used in the past.

Given that everyone wants a redone room, I seriously doubt it. It’s purely going to be luck of the draw at a resort where it is not fully redone.

Well, yes, but not everyone plans as obsessively as we do. How many people know that there even are refurbished rooms, or that you can request them?

If you book a Disney holiday with Virgin Holidays, for example, they treat all the All Stars as one hotel. And BC and YC as one hotel. You don’t get to choose.

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We did with Virgin. It was a few years back mind.

I just went on now. Although it comes up as Yacht and Beach Club, in the room choices I get specific choices: for my dates I have a Yacht Club garden view and a Beach Club woods view to choose from.

At least a couple of other forums’ worth.

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I had to call Disney to sort out DME so — for what it’s worth — I asked them to add a note to my reservation requesting a refurbished room.

Fingers crossed!

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Wow. You have the power to give them a pay raise?

Oh, wait. You said PROMISE. You didn’t say you would actually follow through on that promise. Gotcha.

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This will ONLY be a guarantee if CM Nicole is working the check-in desk. Otherwise, YMMV.