Getting a pre-park breakfast ADR if staying off site

Last year we stayed off site and even though I booked at 180 - couldn’t get a 8am BOG, CRT or Tusker House but got most of our other reservations. Is staying on site to book 180+10 the only way to get these hard reservations? We had used the reservation finder and called last minute to check for cancellations but no luck.

Just wondering if anyone has stayed off site and was able to get one of these at 180 or if I need to consider staying onsite to get the reservations we want.

Yes, if you don’t have a current on-site reservation you can only book 180 day out.

Reservation Finder is awesome. I got an 8:35 BOG a week out. Then I kept resetting it and ended up with a 8:15. I heard nothing from the reservation finder for weeks and I got multiple notifications in just the week before my visit.