Getting a Nomad Lounge Spot

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I’m just putting the finishing touches on the plans for our trip in a couple of weeks and had a question about getting a spot for a drink at Nomad Lounge.

I have a son with DAS, so we do have a schedule planned to best support his needs, with some DAS advance reservations, so don’t have complete flexibility timings wise! We also have a reservation at Tiffins for 6pm to work around.

I was hoping to have a couple of drinks in Nomad at around 4pm or 5pm, after the 3pm showing of Festival of the Lion King but before our 6pm dinner.

I have heard the waitlist can fill up so it’s best to get on it early, but equally, if I joined it at 11am and got called back at noon, that would end up clashing with some of the other things we have planned.

Does anyone have any experience with the waitlist and any suggestions for when I should join the list to get a table around 4 or 5pm but not leaving it so late to join that we miss out completely?

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It’s going to be challenging to get it right in that window.

Often the app tells you that the wait list is full but if you visit the host stand you’ll find it’s not. The problem is you can’t do that and be at FOTLK because you can’t be in two places at once. You could maybe try getting on the list right before FOTLK but when you get called you have 10 mins to return; not sure there is any grace with that.

That timing - joining the list right before FOTLK - is probably your best bet. Hopefully you can join via the app; or if you have someone in your group who wouldn’t mind sitting out FOTLK you could have them join right about as the show is starting.

Important question though: where is your 6pm dinner? :thinking:

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Ah, thank you - really tricky isn’t it! Sorry - our reservation is at Tiffins, which we did deliberately so that we could have a drink at Nomad then go to dinner but at the time I hadn’t quite appreciated the complexity of the virtual queuing system for Nomad!! We have a DAS reservation for Navi between 12-1pm so I also don’t really want to put us in the queue at 11am or it will probably end up clashing with that. I suppose the other option could be to get into the queue straight after Navi and see what happens. Argh! I wish they’d just make it simple and have a normal booking system! It’s so confusing having so many different ways of doing things :frowning: this is our first trip to Disney and I’ve spent 7 months reading, listening to podcasts, watching You Tube channels and it’s beyond me that I still keep discovering new challenges! With our son we can’t really afford to get something wrong as he can be thrown off course pretty easily then the day is tough for all of us. :frowning:

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Why not just before? If you have a DAS for Navi you won’t wait long if at all and it’s a very short ride

I don’t know whether sitting at the bar would be an option for you, but bar seating is handled separately from the walk-up list/host stand. You just go in and see if there’s space. I’ve had luck doing this when the walk-up list is full. And they do allow children to sit at the bar (DS12 and I just did this last month for lunch). You can also get drinks to go by walking up to the bar, but I assume you were hoping to sit and have a break.